Sunday, September 16, 2012

Special Someone

For  you special someone
I love you so much
For you special someone
I will never forget you
Because I know
You are very mean to me
For you special someone
I will always love you
I always hoped you
I always hope you also feel the same as what I feel
I wish we could be together even though it migh not happen
I always hpe the God will grant
Nothing is impossible if fate can bring us back
I would like fate brought  us together to be together
Maybe I expect  to hope
Don’t expect something will happen
For you special someone
I should be happy to see you happy even thought  I probably will feel  the pain
You should know
Even now I still  think I love you so much
Will never be disappear
For you special someone
I’ll be there for you
I hope realize
Hopefully you still remember me
I hope all that I hoped could be answered
Hopefully it’s not just a temporary
Hopefully it’s be forever  for you and me
All of this is my heart words
Just for you
Special someone in my heart

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