Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 Nothing Special Day for Me -_-

      Today was not a special day for me. Although today's date somewhat special because it all 11. But today was not a special day, but it's not a bad day too, anyway. 
      But, there are few things as well which makes me upset. Moreover, if not the act of my friends (¬_¬"). I was just annoyed wrote, actually they tuh do not need to tell the person, after all I've said it at my friends, do not say to the person, but still-_-,hmm. 
      There had also Deuteronomy Mathematics, I'm not sure going to get good grades, because I was not proficient in the field of Mathematics.
     Home from school. I just plan my friends still want to go to my house, but not so. Okay well, anyway I want to extracurricular Mading. 
     Home school as well. I see people I like it again marching exercises, not for Paskibra, because she has not participated Paskibra, these exercises definitely make Ceremonies for the day after tomorrow, sure. And oddly enough, he's staring at me! That is what, huh? And my friend, Essa, said later in front of the line I wrote, okay, so I can see from the close proximity to people who I like, supposing surreptitiously view lah. I think quite right, especially if face-to-gaze can be more like the time, haha ​​want to again vow.
     Ok, today there is not any one guy who shoot me. I know enough. Quote Maybe not this time wrote, later also if you've time he would shoot me *huh. Hopefully yes, if I were dating all the more, haha. Amin, Allah Graciously. 
     Confused want to talk any more. So and Thank you. Do not forget to give comments and follow my blog =))

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