Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Post

      Hi Blog Readers! I'm here just want to vent-vent only. About recent events. And that's normal. Lately I am often disturbed by some of the upperclassmen, but I just go right through you and do not mean to disturb them :p
      I also hurt, because it turns out the person I liked was seeing another woman, to be honest I am hurt and at the same time I cried. Anyway, there's nothing in it I wept for him, because he had become hers. Come Relax and forget about it, because if we truly love someone, we must be able to let him with his loved ones and share happy even though it is very difficult, I admit it is very difficult. It makes my heart in deeper wounds and difficult to heal, I need someone to comfort me, perhaps I could entertain my friends, because he is also the same as me, experiencing heartache
       I have a little hope, I wish I value that good, I promise to be more diligent in learning and reduce again to play the internet and thinking of him. I would also change the properties of my bad for the better, because it has many teachers who have called me. Allah, graciously
Hopefully tomorrow, is a good day. Because tomorrow is a special date ie 11/11/11! Hopefully tomorrow is a day of fun.
        I am the owner of this blog convey quite so much from what I wrote. Thank you for reading and see you

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