Monday, November 14, 2011

Hurt? That's ordinary, but....

        Yeah, honestly this time I wrote another heartache. Want to know why? Because I like the guy who invented with someone else. Why do not I just? Yes, I had to be careful with this. This seems quite painful and leave scars in my heart. If only you know, my love bigger than him, why do not you pick me alone. Why do not I just be a girlfriend. To be honest all that disappointing. Who would not hurt to see a boy or man who invented the same preferred someone else? Who would not hurt? Unless you do not have a normal and psychiatric disorder :p
        Pain was common, but painful. To be honest I often really have a name so embittered, heartbroken. But, I think this really sick, what maybe I've just really love him as possible, yes? Because it is too dear to be like this eventually.
       But I'm still grateful, God still blessed me. And I still have people who are always there for me, like a friend's friends and family. My friends cheer, they also said he would got the karma law. Because he hate me, so maybe later wrote he could like, if God wills, and upon his approval it could all happen. I'm waiting ...
It hurts our hearts like the heart was torn in two so. Do not hurt people who much us, because they are actually worth, who knows that nominally we're looking for a soul mate, it may be, right?
       What else yes want to write about? Yes wrote enough by now. Good Night. For people who like me: If u just want to sleep already said, good evening wrote. Sleep tight. Dreams there people who lo affection, though not I :')

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