Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friends (",)-(",)-(",)-(",)

      I have three friends, his name: Khusnul, Yesi and Savana. Actually my friend was there a lot, but they are the friends I used to Elementary School. I regard them as my friends are good. I am now sitting in Chaptoen Junior High School in Center Jakarta.
    I know they have not been too long, since I am new Junior High School seventh grade. Yes, during my school here, they who fill my days in high school during this Chaptoen. I am glad to have friends, because friends make my days became more beautiful and colorful. For me, friendship is like a beautiful rainbow of color space.
      Because, friendship is not possible always go smoothly. Sometimes there are obstacles and hurdles, and sometimes there is also a temptation in friendship. We must always be loyal to friends, for my true friends are friends who understand you, good friend to us and friends who will not stab us from behind. Better to have few friends than having a bunch of friends but to be selfish.
       Well, me and my friends have a much different nature. My Properties: Much talk, many behavior but always doing useful things, either, but rather angry that it is not clear, while Khusnul taciturn nature, Yesi good nature but rather worried, and the last Savana industrious nature. But nature does not make a difference in our friendship destroyed. For me, friends are part of my life, because without friends life will be lonely. Friend was the one who always accompany us, both good and bad while.
       Be honest to all our friends, do not there is a cover-up. For, nature is open to each other that includes the key for friendship interwoven with durable.

That's all I have to say, may be useful to you all.

Greetings dear friend, Cindy

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