Sunday, December 25, 2011

Don't Cry, Be Stronger, Girls!

Dont cry for love
Because a boy is not necessarily think we
t cry for love ...
Because there are still boys out there who genuinely love us
Because there are still boys out there who care about us
There is no point crying just because you were hurt by a boy alone
They are just losers who can only hurt the woman alone
t cry, your heart always be strong, it
Show when you can get up and stand up from adversity
t grieve because of love
For a guy that would not cry over you
t cry, girl!
Strengthen your heart
Do you constantly crying people who do
n’t cry over you
It feels a broken heart is painful
That's what I feel
Maybe I ever
But, I'm trying to cope with everything strong
t cry
Must be strong, girl!
Because you can
Forget him that people who have hurt you
Colour in the day-to-day with your brightly smile :)


cursor by onehundred-vicless-nights

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