Friday, December 30, 2011

Miss for Someone ♥

God ...
Tell him that I really miss him
Give light to a thousand stars in the sky
Give light to my heart
God ...
I miss him
Greatly miss him
I wanted him to accompany me in this lonely
So I do not feel empty
Unfortunately him now has a girlfriend whom he loved
Say to him ...
Without him I'm lonely
As there is nothing lost if he
God ...
I really miss him
At night I pray you, God
In order for you to grant this request
In peaceful ...
I can only feel lonely without seeing him
He now had a heart that has been his choice for a long time
I'd never be able to forget it
Every day, every time I always think about
Convey to him
That my heart just for him
That is just my love for him
Just for him
I must be willing to see him with his girlfriend
Just for him ...
I'm willing to sacrifice my feelings for him
Just for him 

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